About me

I’m Jake Lishman, a theoretical physics PhD student in the Quantum Information and Ion Trapping groups at Imperial College London in the UK, under Dr. Florian Mintert and Prof. Richard Thompson.

My PhD work has been on making ion-trap gates for quantum computers a little bit closer to reality; I use classical optimal control theory coupled with fast numerical methods to design gates that are robust against real-world errors, even when conditions aren’t perfect.

I’m a maintainer and on the admin team of QuTiP (GitHub page), a major quantum simulation library written in Python. I have been heavily involved in designing and writing the new data-layer types and multiple dispatch system that will be coming in QuTiP 5.0, in Python, Cython and a little bit of C++.


Papers which have been published by a journal such as the Physical Review are copyright by the respective publisher, even if you get the file from my site’s direct link.


  1. Strong-coupling quantum logic of trapped ions” by Mahdi Sameti, Jake Lishman, and Florian Mintert; preprint, direct.

  2. Trapped-ion entangling gates robust against qubit frequency errors” by Jake Lishman and Florian Mintert; Phys. Rev. Research 2 033117 (open access), preprint, direct.